SAP Data Warehousing

Enterprise data warehousing solutions from SAP provide a solid data foundation that can allow you to capture, store, transform and manage data in a scalable, enterprise-ready data warehouse or a nimble, flexible data mart.

When you leverage the full range of business analytics solutions from SAP, you can quickly analyze business operations to drive smarter, faster decisions – and provide a single, consistent, and consolidated view of the business across your entire organization.

SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance (SAP HANA) – Get faster insight using a multi-purpose data source in-memory appliance.

SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse – Integrate data from various sources and use predefined business content to quickly deploy a data warehouse of trusted information to facilitate business intelligence.

SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator – Accelerate the delivery of query and search results from your EDW even as the volume of data and the number of users increase.

Sybase IQ – Deliver superior performance for mission-critical business intelligence, analytics, or data warehousing solutions on any standard hardware or operating system.

BW 7.4 – Flexible consumption of external data models

Planned with BW 7.4, SP5/SP6 on HANA

Flexible and easy consumption of external data models building a BW Open ODS Layer

Agile modeling

  Integrate external data models for
      – direct query access
      – staging scenarios
      – switch between both options

  Field based modeling complementing InfoObject modeling


  Integrate with existing BW models

  Gradually build up models and architectures based on relational schemas

  Possibility to start modeling from facts developing towards the dimensions

  Enables fast prototyping – quick ROI

Immediate light weight querying

  Integrated with BW authorization concept

Accelerated Loads


Smart Data Access

Planned with BW 7.4, SP5/SP6 on HANA



Enhanced Business Flexibility by providing “the logical EDW”

Data Federation in diverse EDW landscapes

Smart data access – read access to relational and non-relational sources via ODBC
Enables access to remote data access just like “local” table
Supports data location agnostic development
No special syntax to access heterogeneous data sources
Non-disruptive evolution
BW based Analytic Services on external data


Make other DWHs transparent to HANA
Evolve from virtual table to persistent structure by establishing ETL without major effort
Consolidating / rationalizing the DWH landscape
Consumption of HANA datamart scenarios from second HANA database
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