Job tracking made simple

Flexible pay rate settings per job

  • Easily assign pay rates to a user according to the job or project.
  • Assign pays rates by job, user or specific rate.
  • Dashboard displays key information about the users pay settings.
  • Easily edit or delete jobs directly from the dashboard.

Flexible pay rate settings per job

  •     Restrict when & where employees can clock in or out from.
  •     Employee can easily enter the job at the time clock when clocking in/out.
  •     Employees can clock in or out on a time clock, by mobile or online.
  •     Track and restrict where an employee can clock in by geo locations.

Invalid job notifications

Easily see exemptions on the time card dash board identifying invalid job by employees.

Generate reports easily

Create various types of job tracking reports that allow you to identify labor costs attributed to projects or jobs by employee, department, and task-type. Reports can be exported in PDF, excel, and CSV formats.

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